How to Train a Puppy to Become the Perfect Dog

We all want know how to train a puppy to turn into that perfect dog. Don’t we just love it when our friends and neighbors compliment us on how well behaved our dog is? A real boost to our ego. We can look back with pleasure on those days, weeks and many months we spent – getting the dog to do just what we wanted, when we wanted.


Your dog is so full of bounce, but clearly enjoying behaving herself. She sits, lies down, runs off to retrieve and comes back exactly on cue. She is just so alert with ears pricked just waiting for your next command. Yes, your command. You are indeed in command, and your dog looks as if she enjoys that!
House training the puppy has been completed and there are no more “accidents”.

A distant dream you say! Well, actually not. You have just got your puppy, and clearly this little baby animal is not (yet) in command. She is in a new place, with new creatures and she is learning about all that goes on around her – including how you behave and react.

Your puppy is observing everything. Not deliberately observing, but in nature that’s what happens in a pack and that’s exactly what is happening in your house. She’s checking out what the pack “rules” are – for her own safety in the pack.

This brings us neatly round to the rules in your house. You must learn how to train a puppy to make sure that you are the leader, that you are in control of the pack. Therefore, at this stage, the puppy is happy as she progresses toward being an adult dog. The Perfect Dog.

Over the years I’ve seen some great advice on how to train a puppy, but have to confess, I have not seen any better advice than that given by Doggy Dan in the vidoes on his site The Online Dog Trainer. He has some really great ideas on dog training methods.

He has created a huge list of more than 250 videos (each one quite short and very easy to watch) on the many and varied aspects of training dogs. This includes the training of adult dogs as well puppies – the subject of this article.

He has put together a great diary of short movies all to do with bringing a puppy into his home. He lets us see how his own puppy “Moses” arrives at home and is settled in. He carries on through the series of how to train a puppy, as it is growing up and it is quite wonderful how simple and gentle the training is. The first twelve months in this puppy’s life demonstrate how little Moses turns into the perfect adult dog.

Do yourself a favour and have a look at The Online Dog Trainer to see just how you can prevent so many potential problems from rearing their ugly heads as you help your puppy grow up confident and happy.

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