How To Train a Dominant Dog

To learn how to train a dominant dog one firstly needs to research dog training collars and leads. Then look at the methods.


Who’s the boss in your house? Who is the leader of the pack – in the eyes of your dog? All too often our dogs gradually take control of our lives, instead of us maintaining control over them. Life can become a battle of wills between the owner and the dog, and frequently the dog wins. You throw your hands in the air in despair, and your dog is now in control.

If you allow this situation to continue, then one day something really drastic will happen and the dog will get the blame! But was it the fault of the dog, or was it perhaps you? Don’t leave it too late! You are needing to look at some dog training methods!

But what are we talking about? What is actually going on here? In the wild, dogs live in packs, and every pack has a leader, right? It is the nature of dogs that there has to be a leader, they know this, and through their various behavior patterns, the dominant dog will be accepted by the others as being the leader. There won’t necessarily be bloodshed, it’s just that, in the selection process, there are various typical behaviors that the rest understand, and it just works. Wild dogs obviously don’t have collars, but if one of them steps out of line he will surely grab it by the scruff, and scruffs are the dog training collars in the wild!

So we as dog owners need to look at our own behavior patterns when interacting with our own dog or dogs. If you have a browse on the internet, and look for Doggy Dan – The Online Dog Trainer. There is an excellent explanation given about how to become the leader, from your dog’s point of view.

There’s no shouting, no beating, and Doggy Dan explains rationally what is going on with the particular dog behavior, from how the dog sees things. You see, how you perceive things, and how your dog sees things can be very very different. Once we realize this, then that is the most important step in the way forward to you gaining control. You will notice that he always uses dog training collars in his dog training methods.

Doggy Dan tells us that it all comes down to some basic behavioral rules, that you have to adopt to start getting things straightened out. In fact he calls them “The 5 Golden Rules”. On his website, he has over 250 short videos in which he demonstrates how you can establish control of whatever activities you engage in with your dog.

Once you are in control of the basics, you will become the dominant member of the pack. From that point on, you will find that any training being done will take place in relative calm, and that the dog will respond in remarkably quick time. The way you see some owners pulling on the dog training collars to restrain their dogs is a thing of the past for you.

Check out Doggy Dan and you’ll get your life back to normal quicker than you think possible.

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