Big Six – Top Dog Training Manuals 2014

The Big Six – Top Dog Training Manuals show that training your dog can be easy as pie or it can be complete torture.

With all of the products available on the market it is nice to be provided with a little guidance. Dog training is constantly changing. Techniques are adapting and there are various training philosophies out there. You might feel more comfortable with rewards training or discipline, with understanding your dog on an instinctive level or with using love and affection. What it really comes down to is first – what your dog responds to, second – what you are comfortable with and third – how committed a trainer you are. Training your dog can be time consuming and difficult. You must be responsible enough to be a good dog owner because your dog can only be as good as you train him or her to be.

Here then are some of the most popular training manuals on the market – they are definitely worth looking into and giving a try. The following is a list of the six Top Dog Training Manuals we have selected to help you:





The Art of Raising a Puppy

The Monks of New Skeet bring you on a dog training adventure in this book. This experiential Top Dog Training Manual allows you to follow the training of a litter of puppies over the course of 12 weeks. Learn everything you need to know when raising puppies from birth. Read about techniques, problems, solutions, affection and the importance of touch. This book teaches you about the role a dog has, not only in our lives but also discusses the philosophy of a dogs place in the world. With pictures and personal dog raising stories from the Monks themselves, this book is a pleasure to read.






The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems

Understanding is key – well at least that is the motto behind this manual. Cesar Millan’s philosophy is that in order to train your dog you must first understand your dog. This book takes you into the world of dog psychology where you will gain an insight into how the mind of your puppy works. Cesar takes you through all the stages of being a dog owner : from purchasing the right dog, through your puppy’s needs and health issues. It is about understanding their instincts and how you must play the role of the alpha-male so they will follow your lead and instructions.






Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog

Do you care about showing off your dog’s ability to do tricks? This book provides you with pictures, descriptions and tips needed to teach your dog various levels of tricks. The book is organized from the easiest tricks to the expert ones. Just work your way through the book. Your dog will go from laying down on command to getting you a drink out of the fridge. The book was written by a professional dog stunt trainer and teaches top dog training methods hidden in the form of tricks. Just follow the simple instructions and pictures. Both you and your dog will be amazed.





How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend: The Classic Training Manual for Dog Owners

The Monks of New Skeet believe that in order to train your dog you must have healthy communication with the dog. Top dog training for your dog means you must befriend your dog. Through communication you build a better and better relationship with your pet. They believe your relationship must be filled with affection but you must also always be dominant. Engage in play and interact with them. This strengthens your bond – creating more love and respect, which will ease in the training process. This book also adds very modern training techniques to their older experiences. It is right up to date.





Train Your Dog – The Positive Gentle Method

Tired of reading all of those long tedious books? Try a DVD on top dog training instead. This DVD offers step by step audio instruction along with video demonstrations of how to train your dog with treats. That’s right – treats. This DVD focuses on positive training methods by giving rewards to encourage a good behavior. All you have to do is follow along with the video.






The German Shepherd Handbook

Do you have a beautiful German Shepherd but are not completely sure how to raise the puppy? If so, this is definitely the e-book for you. Focused purely on the German Shepherd breed, it offers all the information about the breed plus top dog training and much more. The author spent over 6 months researching this type of dog. This is an electronic book that provides health information, training techniques and solutions to common problems as well as history. It downloads instantly so you can start training your German Shepherd right away.