Big Six – Top Dog Training Collars and Leads

Dog Training Collars and Leads are essential tools for every dog owner, from the very first day when a person takes a dog as a pet. Time changes, and the material and make of the dog training collars and leads have changed too. They have also been upgraded based on several important factors. Modern dog training collars and leads are not only used to control the dog but also as an effective training tool, to correct certain behavioral issues of the dog. At present, there are several types of dog training collars and leads available in the market. Some of them are basic collars, some are more elaborate and many are used for training or correction purposes.


Among them, the top six dog training collars and leads (leashes) are:

1. Mendota Products Slip Lead:

This is a combination of leash and collar. So, if you buy this one, you don’t have to buy a leash or a collar separately. The leash is really a tough one, and can be used for training purposes by professional trainers. It has been recently updated for general walking purposes too. These dog training collars and leads are made of very soft material which is comfortable for both your hands and your dog’s neck. Another advantage is that it you can fold one of these easily and quickly, and the folded leash can be fitted smoothly into your pocket.

2. Signature K9 Braided Leather Leash:

A dog leash can be manufactured of many different materials, namely nylon, cloth or leather. Among them the leather leash is the toughest, longest lasting and supremely comfortable for your hands and your dog. It is so strong that it is used by the military department to train their dogs. The latigo leather-made leash outlasts most other materials. Manufactured by the old world Amish of USA, the quality is assured. These dog training collars and leads can be obtained in different sizes; giving you the option for choosing the suitable one for your own dog.

3. SportDOG Rechargeable Bark Control Collar:

This collar is a battery operated one that controls the barking of a dog. There are few dogs in the world that never bark. In a calm and quiet place this barking can be the cause of creating many problems – especially with neighbors. This collar uses sound and vibration to activate its battery, and persuades the dog to stop the barking as soon as it starts. It is a necessary option for hunters when they are following a target with their dogs. This is not only a correction tool but it trains a dog to be a good hunter. A dog under the control of this collar is calm at home and active in the field.

4. Rogz Reflective Dog Choker Collar:

The collar is made of a high quality nylon thread that reflects in the dark. A dog wearing this collar at night can be viewed easily by any approaching vehicle in the street. It is ideal for any fierce dog such as a Doberman but also all dogs who may be out and about in the dark. The width of the collar is good, so that the collar never cuts around your dog’s neck. The chain of the choker is also very strong and can restrain a dog weighing up to 131 lbs. It is a half check obedience collar used as a correction tool but also as an identification collar.

5. Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collar:

This is also an Amish made collar, so you there can be no concerns about the quality and safety. The product is also available in many colors. The colorof the collar and padding is separate here. So that you have an option to choose your favourite color combination. The two most common colors for this collar are black and brown but the inner padding color can be chosen from a wide range. The hardware for the respective collars is made of stainless steel and brass.

6. Herm Sprenger Pinch Collar:

Although the pinch collar is often misunderstood as an unsafe training tool, the reality is that it is safer than a choker collar. It does not choke the dog’s throat as the chocker collar does. There is also a separate chain latch attached, which one tightens and loosens, thereby applying a mild pressure to the dog’s neck. A pinch collar is not for everyday wear. It is best as a correction tool during sessions when a dog is in training.

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