How to Stop Your Dog Pulling on the Leash

You want to take your dog out for a walk, but first you want to learn some dog training methods to stop him pulling you all over the place. He is turning out to be a bit domineering and, being quite big, he has the weight to drag you about. It’s just not fun anymore.


Recognize the scene? Well the good news is that you, yes YOU, can change all this, but you’ll need some help with your dog training methods. The advice in this article will help you to gain control.

First of all we need to look at what is really happening.

Without your realizing it, it is likely that your dog has come to see himself as leader of the pack. Your dog has taken charge, and he is the one who is dictating what happens next. Now he is making the decision: he is deciding in which direction he is going to walk you! Yes, your dog is taking you for the walk, it’s not you taking him for a walk!

Change is needed. I have recently seen a whole bunch of videos prepared by a guy called Doggy Dan and I reckon that he is a dog genius.
Doggy Dan has the most gentle but firm and confident approach to understanding and fixing dog behavior problems. He has set up a comprehensive list of online dog training topics, and through them explains to us the psychology of our dogs.

He has published what he calls “The 5 Golden Rules” for establishing yourself as the one in control. His dog training methods will very soon give you the assurance that you can do dog obedience training on your own.

In principle, you need to demonstrate to your dog that things will only happen, when YOU want them to.

The secret to the dog walking is to get your dog to calm down, and to let the initial excitement of going for a walk ease down, BEFORE you step outside the door. Your dog will slow down and start to wonder what is going on. Just take your time before you open the door to step outside.

Doggy Dan has some very good hints and tips about how to do this.

You do of course have to have your dog on the leash with one of those good dog training collars so that you can keep him under control. There is a wide range of sturdy dog training collars to choose from. Ask at your local pet shop, or check out the online links on this site. Buy one and that will help you with your dog obedience training activities.

Once you are on the street, the usual dragging down the road will start, and here you have to just stop, stand your ground, and when your dog is tugging in one direction, you just turn round, pull him to your side and take the opposite direction. When he starts pulling again, you must stop, call him to your side and turn in a different direction. Now he is really wondering what’s going on. This won’t go on for more than a few minutes, before he starts to realise that you are directing him and now YOU are gaining control.

Now you might think that this is all too good to be true, but I suggest you have a look at the Doggy Dan site – check out that dog walking video – and I think that you will be quite encouraged with his dog training methods.

The Online Dog Trainer will surely whet your appetite for more training tips.

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