Schutzhund Training Basics

shutzhund training

Schutzhund training is known for its ability to produce dependable, loyal, and obedient canine behavior. This is a highly structured training method that has been designed by experts. The Schutzhund method was conceived of in 1900’s Germany for German Shepherd training – to train them as sporting and service animals. As a fact, a dog cannot be registered in Germany as a German Shepherd until it has completed all the phases of the Schutzhund program complete with earned titles.


The training program has grown to apply to almost all working breed dogs world-wide. It is the favorite type of obedience training of many canine organizations. This includes breeds like Dobermans, Belgium Shepherds, Bouviers, and Giant Schnauzers among others.

The Schutzhund training program now has a much more broader scope than in times past. These days, most dog lovers know that this training is focused on developing traits that make dogs useful, happier, and dependable companions, no matter what breed they are. Schutzhund is sometimes referred to as IPO or VPG training outside of Germany.

While the program was designed for German Shepherds, dog trainers worldwide use it on almost any breed of dog. The program uses three basic phases obedience training, tracking training and protection training. Protection traning is sometimes called character work. Schutzhund training usually begins with young pups who are around 8-12 weeks in age. However, the methods can also be successful with older dogs.

Tracking – as the name implies, tracking involves training to take advantage of a canine’s natural scenting abilities.

Obedience – Obedience training is focused on shaping a dog’s attitude and train him to obediently obey and listen to commands quickly. –

Protection – Protection involves teaching a dog to bite on an item, usually a rag or sleeve, on command. This type of biting is meant to build up some degree of aggression in the dog. However, it’s still important that the dog develop the ability to immediately release an item when commanded. The focus is teaching the dog to bite an item and not a person.

The aim of protection phase really is about teaching the animal to control aggression. This involves striking a balance and developing focus, which takes a good deal of time. The protection phase of the Schutzhund method is used worldwide by police, military, border patrols, private security and even private individuals.

Schutzhund training is designed to give canines a thorough and specialized education as working dogs. While you may not have the goal of training working dogs, there are lots of training DVD’s that can be quite useful in showing how to teach your dog to understand commands. Schutzhund method training materials (books, DVDs, and manuals) can be bought online or at specialty book stores. This is an excellent method to train dogs to be obedient and faithful companions. If you are interested in dog training, you may also wish to seek out a professional dog trainer for help. There are even classes in many areas that can a great experience for both you and your dog.

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