Puppy Toilet Training : Basics to Teach

You’ve a new puppy moving into your home and you are worried about house training a puppy! Everybody is looking forward to the new addition to the family. Let’s check what might cause upset if it were to be chewed or damaged by the puppy…


The introduction of a puppy does need to be thought about, and there are a few fundamental actions on your part that save a few tears. That lovely shaggy mat that was a reminder of that great holiday, just doesn’t need to be covered in puppy poo! Yes, that shaggy mat might just be mistaken for a nice soft patch of grass, by our poor unsuspecting puppy. Best you wrap it up for safekeeping for two or three months, until toilet routines are well and truly established. So, how to train a puppy?

Well, we have to decide where this puppy’s bed and lying down space is going to be. This is the start of how to train a puppy.

Next to a door that leads to the garden is a good place, so that it is handy for the puppy to go out into the garden as our toilet training progresses. The indoor toilet area does need to be quite near the puppy bed – for practical purposes.

The toilet material should be moisture absorbent and of a disposable nature. Pages of old news print are pretty good. You can lay down half a dozen pages on top of each other, and when one is soiled you can just quickly peel it off and throw it in the dust bin. They are easy and cheap enough to replace. It doesn’t matter if some of the lower layers of paper are damp, as that can become the attraction or target for the next pee trip, all essential aspects of house training a puppy.

I saw some clever ideas from the Doggy Dan at The Online Dog Trainer the other day. His website has got lots of easy to do ways of training our doggy friends and some especially very good ones for how to train a puppy.

Puppies and babies are pretty similar when it comes to toilet matters. When they need to go, well, it just happens! With our puppy though, we just need to be prepared and ready for action.

The garden is a good place to start with our toilet training. Every dog just loves to have a sniff about when introduced into a new place, and our puppy is no exception. We are going to follow Doggy Dan’s tip about carrying little packet of tasty bites in our pocket. These tasty bites are going to be used as rewards for when our puppy goes to the toilet.
It’s a good idea to get him used to wearing one of the small dog training collars, right from the very first day with you.

We’ll take him out to the garden, to wander, but keep a close watch. When he finishes a pee or a poo, just at that very second we must reward him and make a fuss of him. He’ll soon associate the garden toilet with the rewarding tasty bite.

You need to keep track of how long he can go between toilet breaks. Then you can decide on a rough timetable for taking him outside. Remember to have your packet of tasty bites for that instant reward! That is one of the keys for house training a puppy.
There will still be little accidents indoors, and they won’t always be on the newspaper. These things happen, so don’t worry, and don’t scold the puppy. I want to repeat that – don’t scold the puppy! He will not be able to understand why. If he does go on the paper, give him that instant reward. Praise him and pet him – congratulate yourself, he’s learning.

Do visit the Doggy Dan website. There is a lot of information for you and your puppy now, and also more for later on when it comes to dog obedience training.

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