Pitbull Training For New Dog Owners

Pit bull

It is necessary to understand that there are several reasons why Pitbull training is important. Training your Pitbull may be difficult if you don’t understand the breed or how to properly train a dog.


House Breaking: Pitbulls have weak bladders, so they must be trained to hold. House training a puppy, especially pitbull training, will involve taking your puppy outside often and establishing a routine. The most important thing to remember is to take your pup out for a walk right after they finish eating or napping.

Encourage Socialization: Pitbulls are a breed that has become a demonized and unless your dog is well-trained, people may be fearful about visiting you or allowing your dog in their home. This is why most experts suggest that group dog training classes so that your new dog will be able to socialize with humans, as well as other dogs.

Keep Aggression Under Control: It’s no secret that Pitbulls are an aggressive canine. Effective pitbull training – as with any other dog training – involves teaching your puppy which behaviors are not acceptable, such as excessive barking, jumping on guests, chasing other dogs, and growling.

Be Consistent: Dogs learn new behaviors by repetition. If you want to adequately train your Pitbull pup, then you must be consistent. The most effective training should be in short 10-minute sessions that occur two to three times a day.

Practice Patience: Your dog won’t be well trained overnight. This is why most dog experts suggest that training start as early as 6-7 weeks. With time, your puppy will learn the rules, tricks, and good behavior. with some positive reinforcement and regular training sessions.

Pick The Right Training Method: There are lots of books that promise to teach Pitbull training to new pet owners. However not all dog training methods are created equal. Don’t be afraid to try different techniques in the beginning and see how your puppy responds. If a method doesn’t seem to work for your dog, try another one. You may want to consult a dog training expert if you are at loss on which methods to try.

Training should be fun for you and your dog and this is an excellent way for you to spend time together. Remember that training will help forge a bond of trust between you and your pet. This is a great way to make it a positive experience for your puppy that you both look forward to each day. Rewarding your dog with praise or treats each time he does something right will help the learning process along.

You should never, never call your pet to you and then punish them for something they did in the past. Doing this will only teach your dog not to respond when you call. Rewards and punishments must be separate and immediately connect to the event.

Keep in mind that there are other dos and don’ts when it come to training. It’s not unusual for dog owners to make a few mistakes which can make things more difficult. Successful Pitbull training depends on praise and treats so that your puppy learns to respond to your commands. If you have children living in the home, don’t forget to involve them in the training sessions that will help the dog to bond with them.

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