Online Dog Trainer : Doggy Dan Website Review


Way back in the early Stone Age (according to archeological discoveries) early dogs came to live with early humans. The dogs liked the easy food and shelter and company (we think) and the humans liked the protection and the company too. It is logical to assume that both dog and human needed to make adjustments to their natural behaviour in order to live happily together in a loving and trusting relationship.

This is still happening today. But the subtle difference is that by being the one who is doing the training, instead of the trainee, you – the human- are the ‘top dog’.
This is very well explained in The Online Dog Trainer – Doggy Dan’s methods of training.

What is Different about Doggy Dan’s Training Method?

Firstly, Doggy Dan’s training works. Using his ‘5 Golden Rules of Becoming the Pack Leader’ you teach your dog to know you are just that – the leader of the pack. With this mindset, everything else follows smoothly. The dog simply follows your lead, literally and figuratively. You both feel great.
There is no need to pay for expensive other trainers to train your dog. Watch the live action in Doggy Dan’s videos on the website The Online Dog Trainer. He trains the dogs and their owners too. It is all about building up a rewarding relationship together.

One website streaming on all devices

The second reason to go for Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer is that you can try it out for FREE! No obligation. Simply sign up for the free three day trial and have a look at the material for yourself.
Dan is a full-time, professional and his videos are made from his own work with dogs. There are no staged acts.

You can get your first puppy started out right, you can correct any bad behaviour which may have developed in an older dog. It is all there – from Aggressive to Unpredictable – more than 250 short, easily watchable videos. And everything done in a gentle, simple, effective way. It works for all breeds too.

The Online Dog Trainer is a website which you can take with you anywhere. Going for a walk? Take it on your phone. Away on holiday? Take it with you on your tablet or ipad. Your dog will not be able to think up anything that Doggy Dan has not already covered. You will have it all at your fingertips.


Doggy Dan is a man with a passion for dogs. His online videos show how he systematically sets up what his Five Golden Rules of dog training. They demonstrate his gentle approach to patiently training a variety of dogs to accept their owners as leader. He ever need to resort to any harsh treatment or shouting at all. His methods and techniques are a refreshing eye opener in how to gain permanent control of your dog.

Doggy Dan’s methods are easy to use and fun for both you and your dog. The SPCA has endorsed his training.
In his own words: “You see, a dog is a dog. A canine. A completely different species. And they always will be. Dogs don’t think like we do or respond to our actions the way we want them to. The same way a bird or a horse has their own way of thinking.
But when we understand what’s actually going on with our dogs, and know what they respond to, then we can win their minds. And the behavioral training then becomes easy.” quote from Doggy Dan.

Client Visits

A number of the videos posted on The Online Dog Trainer show Doggy Dan visiting a variety clients who have a dog which has a behavioural problem of some kind. The videos show his arrival and the typical behaviour of the dog at his time of arrival. The video shows his interview with the owner, about the nature of the problem, and what he believes is the likely cause of the problem. He describes the dogs psychological dogs way of looking at things, and then explains to the owners what he is going to do to change that behaviour, right there in the owners own home.
When you view these videos you will be amazed at some of the logic, as well as the almost miraculous changes taking place in the dog.

Training a Puppy

Importantly for most of us, Doggy Dan also deals with all aspects of puppy training. I think the greatest support for any new puppy owner is Doggy Dan’s series of videos on training his own new puppy, Moses. These are all posted on The Online Dog Trainer.
The video starts with Doggy Dan going to the SPCA for his new puppy and then there is a weekly training session showing progress during his first year. Not only is it a pretty painless approach for both you and your own puppy to follow, it makes for entertaining viewing as well.
You can sign up for a 3-day trial of the website for just $1.

For a free example of Dan’s puppy training videos have a look at this Puppy Training You cannot help but be impressed!

Audio Files

As a back up to what the videos are saying, Doggy Dan has included audio inserts. So maybe while driving, or taking the bus, or even walking the dog, you can listen to the audio tracks. You will discover even more detail and tips for reinforcing his training techniques.

What does this Cost?

Well, Doggy Dan gives you a whole three day free trial before you pay anything!

Browse through the online training videos over the weekend, and if you are not totally sure, then you pay absolutely nothing. However, you could also take the option to subscribe for a month, and then if you think you’ve seen enough, just stop the subscription with no further costs.
You’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal. You will already have gained such a lot of guidance in training your dog. There’s also a heap of bonus training material and regular updates which come to you automatically, as part of your standard subscription of only $37.


There’s a great Doggy Dan forum too. An interesting array of questions and queries from subscribers, and – very encouraging – Doggy Dan takes time to give his own responses on the forum.


Just looking again at the Moses videos would be wonderful for starting off any new puppy and owner, and well worth the low monthly subscription of just $37 to discover how you can create your own perfect dog. I can only encourage you to have a look for yourself and give it a three day free try out.

You and your dog have everything to gain!