Obedience Training Tips for Dogs

an owner teaching her dog to sit

obedience training Some owners opt to enroll their puppies in obedience school for dogs, while others prefer to train their new puppy all by themselves.


You must remember that the best time to start obedience training is when your pet is still a puppy. Puppies have very short attention spans, therefore, you need to plan short sessions first, in order to minimize the distraction to your puppy and maintain his attention. You can gradually increase the amount of time spent on training with each passing day. Below mentioned are some effective dog obedience training tips.

The first command you need to teach your puppy is to SIT. You can command a puppy who is SITTING more effectively until he learns more self-control. If you can teach your dog to sit when the door bell rings, it would be unlikely that the dog would jump on your visitor when the door opens.

In order to teach your puppy to sit, you need to get to the level of your puppy first. Once your eyes are at the level of the puppy’s eyes, hold a treat in front of it. Let the puppy’s head follow the treat as you move your hand. Naturally, as the puppy’s head moves around, its butt will lower. Once his butt hits the floor, you need to release the treat. Praise the puppy for its brilliance. Use the word “SIT” while you repeat this act multiple times a day.

The STAY command is one of the most difficult training commands but it is vital to obedience training. The STAY command will teach your dog to be right where it is until he receives further instructions. To teach your dog to STAY: First put a leash on your puppy and let him be next to you. Say the word STAY by waving a flat palm towards its muzzle. Now step in front of your puppy, wait there for a few seconds and step back. Treat the puppy for not breaking his STAY. If he moves, calmly put him back to where he was. Practice this in different locations for multiple times a day.

The COME command is another important command that every dog and puppy should master at the beginning of obedience training. This command will help to keep your pet out of trouble when he is given a job to do. The COME command could possibly help to save his life if he escapes the fenced yard. The first step is to clip a light line on to your puppy’s collar and let him drag this around for some time. Once the puppy is accustomed to this line, you need to hold the line and follow your dog around for a little while.

Now your dog will begin to understand that both of you are attached. Have a few treats in your hand and walk backwards encouraging the puppy to follow along. When he goes around and come back to you, say YES and treat him. Begin to pair this behavior with the word COME.

The above mentioned are just a few of the most important dog obedience training tips that will help to control your dog more effectively. Training your dog to be obedient will make a world of difference, and provide the greatest opportunity for bonding between you and your beloved pet.

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