How To Stop Your Dog Barking

You need some dog obedience training methods to stop your dog barking.
The neighbors have dropped a gentle hint that your dog seems to be barking lot. But how can this be? All seems quiet and relaxed when we are at home.


Can it really be your dog???

You do a check up with a couple of other neighbors and they confirm that, yes, it is your dog causing the noise. This is definitely going to stretch the patience of the neighborhood, so we better have a look at some dog training methods.

Why is the dog behaving like this? Let’s look at a typical situation. You go to work and are barely out of sight, when the dog starts up, and never seems to let up until you arrive home again.
His toys are all around, and there is enough water, and even a bowl of his favorite food. He should be happy!

Well, actually, he’s not!
One possible reason is the ancestor pack behavior of dogs, and here we will look a little closer to what happens with packs in nature.
Yes, OK, I hear you say, but we have only a single dog so this doesn’t apply to your situation. Well just bear with me while I explain.

Pack leader psychology works like this. Dogs like to be part of a pack, or a family group of animals. Your dog also likes to be part of the family. In real life packs, there is a natural establishment of hierarchy. Once established, each member knows his place and looks to the pack leader to lead, and also to keep the individuals from straying too far, or getting lost. The leader does this by howling or barking, or maybe a bit of both. This is his way of dog obedience training within his pack. In fact at a very early stage the mother of the litter already has the responsibility of how to train a puppy, or it will not live long enough to reach maturity.

In your case, even if you have not yet realized it, it is quite possible that your dog sees himself as head of your family. You may not yet have looked at it this way, but let’s explore this idea.

There’s a brilliant dog training course called The Online Dog Trainer presented by Doggy Dan.
In the video presentations on his website he sets out the key fundamentals to dog obedience training to sort out a variety of undesirable dog behavior, including how to stop your dog barking.

The key is to settle in the dog’s mind that you are the pack leader. Doggy Dan explains in a series of short videos what he calls “The Five Golden Rules”.

By following these Golden Rules you will quickly establish yourself as pack leader in the eyes of your dog. This puts you in charge. Once you are in charge, you are in control. From this point on, your dog will listen to whatever dog obedience training you are trying to undertake.
The main thing is to look at the problem from the dog’s point of view.

If the dog no longer feels the responsibility for being the pack leader he can relax and just be part of the pack. He’ll have the confidence that you, as the pack leader will keep him and everybody else safe from the dangers of the unknown!

Doggy Dan’s website includes a wonderful string of videos covering him collecting a puppy and how he set about training it over a period of a year from puppy to full grown dog.

Do yourself and your neighbors a favor – go to The Online Dog Trainer to look around – totally free.

Your neighbors are going to be ever so happy with the changes in your dog’s behavior, and so will you!

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