House Training A Puppy the Proper Way

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Taking the steps for house training a puppy is something that will require a whole lot more than piles of newspaper and a stern voice. Instead, you will have to make sure that you are patient, vigilant and that you always remain committed and consistent. Keep in mind that puppies of every breed will have accidents in the house, so the more you accept this fact and learn to work with your puppy, you are going to find that training him or her is going to be a whole lot easier.


The more consistent that you are when you are following through with some of the most basic methods for house training, the quicker your family pet will be able to learn what type of behavior is acceptable. This is a process that could take several weeks depending on the breed and just like babies, puppies will take to learning best if they are kept on a regular schedule. A good regimen will help your puppy to learn that there are times for play, times for eating and times for potty. Obviously, the times for potty are the times when you are practising ‘house training a puppy’.

Most puppies will have about an hour of control of their bladder for every month of their age. If you have a puppy that is 3 months old, he or she will more than likely be able to hold their bladder for about three hours. It is important that you never go longer than this time period between the bathroom breaks or you are going to end up with accidents.

How to train a puppy if you are away from your new little pet, say at work during the day, is a bit more complicated. You will want to make sure that you have someone that will be able to take your puppy outside for breaks. Puppy training cannot be stopped – it has continue 24/7!

It is crucial that you take the time to pick the perfect bathroom spot outside for your puppy and bring him or her to it using a leash. As your puppy goes, you will want to use a common and consistent phrase, such as “potty,” that you can use later on if you catch him or her looking for a way to go indoors.

Once the puppy eliminates where you want him to, it is also important that you give him reward or praise so that he understands that he did exactly what you wanted him to do. It is key that you do not wait until he comes back inside with you. The reward and/or praise must happen immediately after he goes outdoors where you wanted him to.

If you are unable to watch your puppy for a period of time, it can be helpful to place him or her in an area that is confined to that spot. The space should only be big enough for him to lie down, comfortably stand and turn around. The intention is for the scent to remain in that spot and he will learn that is where you want him to go.

No matter what methods you choose, you are going to find that consistency and commitment are going to play the biggest role in your overall success as you are working towards house training a puppy.

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