Guide to Dog Training in Seattle

Where can you find classes for dog training in Seattle WA, you are asking.


Well the good news is that a short search around will bring up loads of options, but wait, first things first!

What sort of dog training are you looking for? And maybe another question … why?

Confused? Let’s stop to think for a minute.

Are you about to get a puppy? Have you just got a puppy? Have you thoughts on going to get an adult dog – maybe a rescue dog? Or maybe you already have a dog which is now grown up, but is becoming quite a handful at home, as well as when you take him out for a stroll?

Good news is that all of these situations can be covered, and you just need to chat to the training schools about your own specific needs.

I would not rule out looking at online dog training options even if just to gain a small insight to what may suit you and your dog best. Choosing this way gives you flexibility in your timetable, and of course with the weather. One site which looks very good and has lots of free information, as well, is DOGGY DAN’S ONLINE DOG TRAINING. Here you will be able to see loads of short videos – he gives you a free three day trial before you decide to subscribe too.

You will want to find out all about the preparations before you bring a new puppy home, and also the first couple of days, after you have collected your new puppy. It’s always difficult, and a very confusing time for a new puppy. Just think, it’s never been away from home before, and used to the interaction with its brothers and sisters, all of which were about the same size, and of course its mother.

Now suddenly it’s in an entirely new place with no familiar smells, no familiar noises, and everybody that wants to play with it are so huge. A totally bewildering time for anyone growing up! Did you know you can start training the puppy from its very first day! Sure, only baby steps, and for relatively short periods at a time. The puppy needs time out for a sleep, just think about how much a human baby sleeps in the early days.

Maybe you have an adult dog that is always pulling on the leash when walking? Poor behavior that needs to change! You’re fed up shouting at the dog and it doesn’t really listen anyway! When you take your dog for a walk in one of the Seattle parks, have you found it becoming quite a struggle, with your dog even being quite aggressive to others?

Well – enough said. I think you are already convinced you need to find classes for Dog Training in Seattle. As well as taking a look at The Online Dog Trainer, you might want to try some of the following:
  • Ahimsa Dog Training – Ballard – Seattle, WA | Yelp
  • Nitro K-9 LLC, Seattle Dog Training and Care
  • Paws4training
  • The Pawsitive Packleader, Inc.
  • Service Dog Academy
  • University Canine Learning Academy
  • Seattle Dogworks
There is also the Thumbtack List of the Top 21 Services for Dog Training in Seattle, WA.
Enjoy your Dog Training in Seattle – both you and your dog.
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