Guide to Dog Training in Portland

There’s quite a few options for Dog Training in Portland, Oregon. So you’ve arrived in a good place for training your puppy, or perhaps its an adult dog that needs training.


Right here in Portland, in fact, the selection can be quite bewildering. If you are hoping that you can wave the magic wand, and utter the magical words, and your puppy or dog will suddenly become that well behaved adult dog that is the envy of our neighbors, you have a way to go. It is certainly possible, and desirable to have a well-trained dog but the action word is TRAINING.

 Overview of Dog Training Centers

When you look up Dog Training in Portland, Oregon you will find a huge range of types to choose from. Most dog training centers realize that the fundamentals of dog training actually start with training the owners – training about dog psychology and pack leader behavior. This applies equally to all types of training such as dog obedience training, training for specific tasks, doing tricks etc.

The behavior of your dog is entirely dependent on your own behavior. If you set yourself up to lead the way – to be the leader of the Pack – then the dog will quickly learn where the limits are.

Not too many dog owners are aware of that simple fact and so the dog tends to get its own way. This leads to all manner of “unacceptable” behavior, like chewing shoes, mooching around in the kitchen, barking out in the yard, dragging you along on the leash when out for walks, and maybe even attacking other dogs, or worse! Sound familiar?

 Factors to Consider

Your dog is already an important member of the family – even as a tiny puppy. You will want to find the best, and most suitable, training for both you and your pet.

Financial considerations are also influential in making your decision. Individual, personal training, with a trainer visiting you and your dog at home is probably the most expensive. Costs of individual dog training at school premises come next and then enrolling in group classes. A subscription to The Online Dog Trainer is a low cost option. Cheapest is the DIY course of buying a book or DVD and doing the training yourself.

Some of the Centers for Dog Training in Portland OR are:

  • Leader of the Pack Dog Training
  • Happy Go Lucky Dog Training
  • Cooper’s Dog Training and Behavior Modification
  • Wonder Puppy Parenting Center
  • City Dog Country Dog

And, of course, lots and lots more.

If you are looking for a sociable time with other like-minded folks who bring their dogs along for training, then signing up for regular dog training classes might well be good for you.

You can ask one of the local Portland Trainers to come to your own home for a consultation, but you will have to pay quite a few dollars for this type of service.

DOGGY DAN has a series of over 250 short videos on a wide range of topics as well as audio clips you can listen to while out walking your dog. Many folks and their dogs have reaped the benefits of his wisdom.

The decision is yours – we wish you happy days with Dog Training in Portland, OR during the sessions and then afterwards when you can show off how well-trained your beloved pet is.

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