Guide to Dog Training in Denver

Great that you are interested in dog training in Denver, Colorado.


I hope that you and your dog are going to have a great time in and around the city.

Arriving into a new community can sometimes be quite traumatic for the dog, and therefore also traumatic for the dog owner.

Or it may be that you’ve lived here for quite some time but have just got a new puppy. Now you want to do the right thing and make sure your puppy is going to be properly trained. If that’s the case. then well done for looking here – we can point you in the right direction. There are quite a good few classes for dog training in Denver and around, as highlighted in a poll not so long ago.

Some of the popular ones are :

  • Misha May
  • Thunder Puppy
  • Rocky Mountain Dog Training
  • Dog Trail Positive Dog Training
  • Front Range K9 Academy
  • Zoom Room Dog Training

But there are dozens more. Another big factor in your decision, of course, will depend your own location and the convenience of reaching the school at the right time. Dog training in Denver is probably happening not far from your doorstep.

I also did check out The Online Dog Trainer by a guy called Doggy Dan. It could be worth your while to check him out too. I’ll mention some more about him later.

Most dog training is in fact as much to do with training the owner as it is to training the dog.

I would suggest that you visit three or four of the training schools in your area, and talk to the managers about how they go about the training. Those that offer training for groups will probably be quite happy if you want to head along to observe one of their sessions. For the observation visit, maybe you just go without your dog, just to see how things are run. You might also get to chat to some of the other folks and check out how they feel they are progressing.

Of course there will be different levels of training, from beginners looking for puppy training and others that are looking for obedience training. And then there are competition trials which can be quite sophisticated and time consuming but of great interest if you want to get into that side of things.

During the visit you can ask about what sort of equipment is recommended for dog collars leashes and such like. That will give you a little shopping list that will get you ready for starting the dog training.

Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Training is really worth a look, even if you decide against the concept of online training. He has produced a great range of 250 short videos which cover most aspects of domestic dog training. This will give you an idea of the basic training tools that you will need, as well as an idea of distracter toys that might just stop your household items from being chewed up. Oh yes, those little accidents can happen!

Doggy Dan has created a great little series of videos that show him getting a new puppy he called Moses. In the series he follows the progress of his puppy training during its first year. It’s really interesting to see how gentle all of his training methods are. While you are there, you will also see how he carries out home visit consultations to help owners change some of the behaviors of their adult dogs.

I hope this insight to Dog Training in Denver will help you and your dog in enjoying your time here.

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