Getting Started On Training Your New Puppy

dog owner training puppy

Have you just brought a new puppy home? You are probably wondering about house training a puppy. Unless you want your house disorganized and lots of bad behavior, proper training is necessary. House training a puppy can be a time-consuming task, but spending a little time to train your puppy will pay back in the long run by way of a dog that behaves as expected.


Twelve weeks is about the right age start house training a puppy. Until the puppy is 12 weeks, it will want to go to the bathroom after every meal. You should keep an eye open for 15-20 minutes after the puppy has eaten.  As the owner, you must understand that your puppy needs some time to adapt to the new environment. Take your puppy where you want him to go to the bathroom. Patience and consistency with your puppy is very important and be sure to reward your puppy when he goes to the bathroom where you want him to.

One thing to remember is that you need to show your puppy that you are the master before imparting any kind of training. You need to let your puppy realize what the master expects. You must show your immediate disapproval if the puppy goes to the bathroom in the wrong place. When you show your disapproval a few times, the puppy will understand that its act is not accepted by the master anymore. This is the start of your puppy training schedule. The other important tips of puppy training are highlighted below.

A pup would usually go around a particular area and sniff when it wants to go to the bathroom. You need to understand these signs of the pup. When you see the signs, take the puppy outside and when he goes, be sure to reward the puppy with a treat or praise.

Make sure to take your puppy for a walk every morning before you leave for work. You need to do the same once you return from work. This will help to relieve stress, get him some fresh air and expend any pent-up energy.

The puppy will also need to learn that people around him could be unpredictable at times, especially small children. He needs to learn that unpredictable behavior is not always threatening. You can show him this by imitating a child’s behavior, such as gently bumping onto him while he is eating, rolling toys near him or anything that would cause a distraction while he is eating or sleeping. You need to reward the puppy for eating calmly during such distractions.

These  are just some of the simplest of tips in house training a puppy at home. These tips are extremely important for people who are searching for information on how to train a puppy. Training your new dog ensures that your home will be peaceful and your dog will be a well-behaved member of the family.

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