German Shepherd Training Tips

German Shepherd

German ShepherdGerman Shepherds are well-known for their intelligence, loyalty and agility. Because they are so smart, they are trained and used by the police to find illegal stuff in vehicles, bags or other places. They are also able to learn how to rescue victims or assisting blind people in their daily tasks.


When it comes to German Shepherd training, it is important that training start when the dog is still a puppy, but even older dogs have a very good ability to learn a wide range of commands and behaviors. If you want to try your training skills on your dog, here are a few tips:

Use Only Short Commands

You can’t base your training on long phrases such as “can you please fetch me the glasses,” because the working memory of dogs is much smaller than the one of humans. Just teach your dog one-word commands and practice until you see results.

Reward Your Dog

Whenever the dog does something right, you need to reward him. Make sure you always have some treats in your pocket and use them to praise performance and good behavior. Give the dog the treat immediately after the act, so that a link between the two can be established in its mind.

Be The Master

Training a German Shepherd is different from the training of other breeds. Your dog needs to recognize you as the leader of the pack. You need to be the dominant species and your dog must become aware of that. You should feed the dog when you decide and not when he wants to eat. Make the dog sit and wait for your next command, even for something as simple as opening the door. The dog must know that he is supposed to follow you and that he will not dictate what you do.

Patience Is Key To Success

If you are harsh and impatient, your dog will feel it and you’ll have trouble making him follow you. Regardless of what the dog does, you need to keep your calm and use a firm tone of voice to correct the wrong behavior. You should never yell desperately, because you’ll only manage to upset your dog and make him become stubborn and even, rebellious.

Last but not least, you need to show your German Shepherd unconditional love. The dog needs to feel he’s loved and cherished and if you take care and use appropriate training techniques, you’ll manage to raise him to be your close friend and not a slave who should only follow his master. If your German Shepherd training is done right and your dog leads an active life that is filled with long walks and playful outdoor trips, your German Shepherd will reward you with loyalty and a playful spirit, so that you can enjoy playing together and be mutually happy.

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