The German Shepherd Handbook

The German Shepherd Handbook is basically an instruction booklet for raising the best German Shepherd possible. The e-book is a manual for training your beautiful German Shepherd. The author, Michael Tapscott, has owned dozens of dogs from this breed and also works with them at an animal rescue center. He is very familiar with them and how to guide and train your own one to be your new best friend.


The Author

Michael Tapscott spent more than half a year interviewing and questioning trainers, veterinarians and owners of German Shepherds about the breed so he could learn everything about training German Shepherds to include in The German Shepherd Handbook. He learned about the history of the breed, the best training techniques, their temperament, what characteristics they excel in – basically he researched everything and became an expert on training German Shepherds as well as the breed itself.

The Book

The German Shepherd Handbook tells you everything – in a concise form – which Michael wants you to know about training German Shepherds. He has also included interesting information about the breed’s history and development. Then he deals with the subject of bringing your dog into its new home, which is a really important part of the book. There are instructions for proper feeding regimes and treats. Health issues are discussed along with dog-proofing your home for the safety of the dog and your belongings. There is of course, an entire chapter devoted to properly training German Shepherds as they grow up, to get the most effective results.




• E-book – The German Shepherd Handbook comes in the form of an e-book. This means that once you purchase it, it is instantly downloaded to your computer where you can save it in your documents. This is convenient because it is available to you as soon as you purchase it. You will never need to wonder where you left it, because it is stored on your computer.

• History – The e-book has a section devoted to the history of the breed. Many owners found this section of the book very useful because it furthered their understanding of where their dog came from. It also provided insight about the breed’s natural courageous and loyal instincts.

• Specific – The fact that this book is only about German Shepherds is fantastic. Instead of looking at dog breeds in general, you are only reading about your own dog – this makes the material easier to read and more relatable.


• Secrets – This book claims that it holds all of the secrets to raising a happy and healthy dog. In reality, the book is not filled with secrets but rather information. There is not a quick fix to training your dog. It takes consistency and hard work. All the information in the world is not useful if you do not make the effort.

• All dogs respond differently – Although The German Shepherd Handbook is obviously tailored towards training German Shepherds, not all dogs from this breed will respond to all the training techniques. Dogs, like people, are all different. Some training methods work while others might not, so if by any chance this book does not work for you, you will need to try something else.

• Hard on the eyes – The German Shepherd Handbook is sold electronically. Although this is convenient because you do not have to wait for it to be delivered or worry about misplacing it, many users have said that they find it difficult, or are unaccustomed to reading from a computer screen. Reading directly from the screen can be hard on the eyes and some people claim that they could only read certain sections of the book instead of the whole of it.

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