Clicker Training For Dogs : Understanding It

clicker training a miniature poodle

Clicker training for dogs is a technique of training animals by using a sound. A “click” is used to let an animal know that it has done something right. The clicker is actually a tiny plastic box that could be held in one’s palm. It has a metal tongue that can be pushed quickly in order to make the required sound, or a button which has the same effect. Most professional dog trainers use the clicker to train their their pets effectively. Clicker training for dogs has been used for a long time by these professionals in training animals successfully.


This article will highlight some important tips in this regard.

The clicker will create an efficient bond between the trainer and his animal trainee. Clicker training for dogs works like this: every time the trainer makes a sound with the clicker, the dog gets a treat. Once your pet understands that the clicker sound is followed by a treat, it becomes a powerful command to your pet. For example, if the trainer wants to teach the dog to SIT, he will click and reward the animal as soon as its butt hits the floor. With enough repetition, the dog will learn that SITTING earns a reward. This way, the animal will understand that performing the behavior results in a reward.

Once your pet knows the connection between the click and the reward, you are ready to start with its training.

You must make sure to click only once, right when you catch your pet doing what you want it to do. Don’t over do it by clicking too many times. The reward should be given as soon as the act is performed according to the click.

Teach your dog only one behavior per session. If you are teaching the dog to SIT. Repeat this act at least 10 times before moving on to another behavioral practice. It will make your training schedules more effective and successful.

Just like children, animals have very short attention spans. You must remember to stop the training before your pet loses interest and becomes tired. Fifteen minutes or less is the best time frame for an effective training session.

Always end a training session on a positive note. Praise your pet when he or she succeeds at performing the acts you are teaching. This will further encourage your pet to perform better the next time around.

Make sure to practice a particular lesson in different locations within your home and garden. This will help the pet to adapt to different environmental conditions quite easily.

The above mentioned tips of clicker training for dogs will help to train your dog positive behavioral techniques quite effectively. A well trained dog is an asset to its master as well as the family. Become a dog training expert by employing the above tips and tricks.

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