Big Six – Top Dog Training Clickers and Whistles

Clickers and whistles are really useful tools in dog training. While some people have the ability to whistle, or even click, themselves, there are many who find it easier to sustain a standard sound for the dog to hear and respond. Your dog associates the particular click or whistle with a behavior which you want from him. Here are the six top rated clickers and whistles for dog training.


1. StarMark Clicker Dog Training System

This clicker is an amazing tool as it is designed using the scientific method of dog training as it uses classical and operant training system. It comes as a single tool which is blue in color with a big yellow button in the center. At the extreme end, the clicker is fitted with a ring that makes it possible to fix a keychain or a lanyard for easy handling. In addition, the tool comes with a step by step training guide which is easy to follow and useful especially for the starters.

2. Karen Pryor i-Click Dog Training Clicker

This clicker is manufactured by Karen Pryor clicker trainers who are professionals in dog training. The clicker is ideal for the dogs that are sound sensitive. This training tool is designed in small size that makes it easy to use as it fits well in the palms of the hand. The clicker is also portable and light thus can easily be carried in the pocket. The clicker has a key ring at the end that facilitates fixing of a wrist band for easy handling. The clicker produces the sound when pressed lightly and functions in any position.

3. Big Button Clicker for Training

The big button clicker is an amazing tool for training your dog. The clicker is designed in a size that fits comfortably in the palm of the hand of the trainer. This training tool has a big yellow button at the center which is easy to press without using a lot of pressure on it. The clickers come in a set of fours each with a unique color. The common colors are red, blue, black and green. The tool has a wrist band that makes it easy to handle during the training sessions. The sound produced after pressing the clicker button is loud enough for the dog to respond even in a noisy environment.

4. Getting Started Clicker Training for Dogs

Getting started clicker training for dogs is a hand book that contains the essential step by step instructions on dog training. The guide is made up of 100 pages hence ideal for the dog owners who do not have much time to read. The book has guidelines on the treats to provide to the dog during training as well as the timing of when to press the clicker button in order to teach a behavior to the dog. The contents of the book are essential for puppies, middle aged and older dogs. The book is interesting to read and use.

5. BAFX Dog Training Clicker and Whistle

This is a gadget that has a combination of the clicker and the whistle all in one. This is a convenient option for the dog trainers especially those with more than one dog as one can blow the whistle or press the clicker’s button when need be. The gadget comes in a set of three each with a unique color. In addition, each gadget has a wrist band as well as a key ring for easy handling. A user guide that is easy to read and follow is provided free of charge. The guide is essential for the beginners in dog training using the whistle and clicker. They come in sets of three gadgets.

6. SportDog Clear Competition Mega Whistle

This mega whistle is ideal for training dogs is wide open spaces, or, as the name suggests for use at competition venues. The whistle is easy to blow and the sound is projected forward. This whistle is designed to project sound that has a wide area coverage hence the dog can hear it from a long distance. This makes it ideal for the dog owners in big ranches and those who like expenditures with the dog in the woods such as hunting. The design of the whistle protects the ears of the trainer from the possible effects of the sound produced.

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