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  • Portland, Oregon
    So you’ve arrived in Portland, OR and there’s a puppy or maybe even an adult dog that needs training. There’s quite a few options for Dog Training right here in [...]

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  • Austi puppy!

    Puppy Toilet Training


    You’ve a new puppy moving into your home! Everybody is looking forward to the new addition to the family. Let’s check what might cause upset if it were to be chewed or [...]
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Understanding Clicker Training For Dogs

by admin in Dog Training Clickers and Whistles

Clicker training for dogs is a technique of training animals by using a sound. A “click” is used to let an animal know that it has done something right. The [...]


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  • Tired of reading all of those boring training books? You should purchase Train Your Dog – The Positive Gentle Method. This is a dog training DVD that stars two famous dog trainers Nicole Wilde and Laura Bourhenne, it also features 20 different dog breeds of different ages! The DVD demonstrates step by step training techniques that are easy for you and your dog to follow along with. The DVD is built around positive training – that is that you use rewards to shape and encourage good behaviors. This DVD does not involve punishing your dog. It is the gentle way to train your puppy. Train Your [...]