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  • Portland, Oregon
    There’s quite a few options for Dog Training in Portland, Oregon. So you’ve arrived in a good place for training your puppy, or perhaps its an adult dog that needs [...]
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Clicker Training For Dogs : Understanding It

by admin in Dog Training Clickers and Whistles

Clicker training for dogs is a technique of training animals by using a sound. A “click” is used to let an animal know that it has done something right. The [...]


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  • Common dog problems are many and they affect and plague every dog owner. Cesar’s Way is an interesting book that focuses on understanding your dog. This book revolves around dog psychology so you can see the world from your dog’s perspective. It was written by Cesar Millan who is a world renowned dog whisperer. The book provides you with understanding and insight about your dog’s lifestyle and behaviors which cause common dog problems. Book topics Cesar’s Way consists of several topics to help you see the world through your dog’s perspective. Some of these topics include common dog [...]