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  • Portland, Oregon
    So you’ve arrived in Portland, OR and there’s a puppy or maybe even an adult dog that needs training. There’s quite a few options for Dog Training right here in [...]

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  • Austi puppy!

    Puppy Toilet Training


    You’ve a new puppy moving into your home! Everybody is looking forward to the new addition to the family. Let’s check what might cause upset if it were to be chewed or [...]
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Understanding Clicker Training For Dogs

by admin in Dog Training Clickers and Whistles

Clicker training for dogs is a technique of training animals by using a sound. A “click” is used to let an animal know that it has done something right. The [...]


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  • Mile High City ~ Denver, Colorado - REDO
    Welcome to Denver, Colorado! I hope that you and your dog are going to have a great time in and around the city. Arriving into a new community, can sometimes be quite traumatic for the dog, and therefore also traumatic for the dog owner. Or it may be that you’ve lived here for quite some time but have just got a new puppy. Now you want to do the right thing and make sure your puppy is going to be properly trained. If that’s the case. then well done for looking here – we can point you in the right direction. There are quite a good few dog training schools in and around Denver, as [...]