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  • Portland, Oregon
    There’s quite a few options for Dog Training in Portland, Oregon. So you’ve arrived in a good place for training your puppy, or perhaps its an adult dog that needs [...]
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House Training A Puppy the Proper Way

by admin_dta in Puppy Training

Taking the steps for house training a puppy is something that will require a whole lot more than piles of newspaper and a stern voice. Instead, you will have to make sure [...]


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  • 101 Dog Tricks is the book you need to invest in if you want to have a lot more fun with your puppy. This book does exactly what the title says: it provides detailed instruction of 101 different dog tricks to teach as you train your dog. These tricks range in difficulty from easy to hard – there really is something for everyone in the book. Whether you want to teach your dog to sit, roll over or put their toys away this is the book that will show you how to make it happen. About the book 101 Dog Tricks was written by Kyra Sundance. She is a professional stunt dog trainer as well as a [...]